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The counter-offensive

There’s been a fair bit of criticism lately of the Ukrainian counter-offensive and its failure to make rapid progress. Western allies are now making noises about withholding support unless they see some progress. With some justification the Ukrainian government has responded by saying every “square centimetre of Ukrainian soil has to be retaken with blood”. […]

War in Europe again

Unbelievably, 76 years after the Nazis were forced out of Ukraine by the Russian army, the Russian army is back once more, this time as the aggressor rather than the liberator. Back in 1944 some (non-Jewish) Ukrainians may have wondered whether being liberated by the Russians was an improvement on occupation by the Nazis, recalling […]

D-Day, 75 years on

It’s been a while between drinks on this site, my apologies, I’ve been busy getting a new company off the ground. The 6th of June always resonates for me because it’s the day of the biggest seaborne invasion in history and the start of the liberation of France from the Nazis. By June 1944 the […]