Monthly Archive: June 2013

War fiction consolidated

If you’re a fan of war fiction, there’s plenty to choose from, but this genre falls into a pretty broad range of sub-categories and it can get rather confusing. For example, while both in essence ‘war books’, a serious biographical work like All quiet on the Western Front  can’t be considered in the same breath […]

Making a living out of writing

I consider myself an extremely fortunate person for a number of reasons, mostly to do with choosing my parents well and being born in Australia in the 20th century, the greatest Golden Age of peace and prosperity ever known in history probably. I had the good fortune to go to university and do a Bachelor […]

Barbarossa – remember the Yugoslavs

72 years ago today, the German army invaded Russia in what was termed ‘Operation Barbarossa’, named after Frederick Barbarossa, a mediaeval Holy Roman Emperor. This was the biggest invasion ever seen in history, before or since. They started more than a month later than originally planned, because Hitler had spent most of April invading Yugoslavia. […]

The joy of listening

I’ve read Patrick O’Brian’s twenty-book Aubrey-Maturin series (better known as the Master and Commander series since the film) four times, and now I’m listening to it again through This isn’t a product endorsement, but until I tried Audible on the recommendation of a friend, I hadn’t realised how much I enjoyed being read to. Hearing […]

Board game anyone?

When I was a child, nay a teenager, and ‘old people’ (my parents’ friends) saw me playing wargames like Avalon Hill’s Squad Leader or Russian Campaign, or worse, role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons (this was the early 1980s we’re talking here), they would almost invariably say “You’ll soon grow out of that nonsense.” In […]


And of course, let’s not forget that today is the 69th anniversary of D-Day, the biggest seaborne invasion of all time and the start of the liberation of France by British, Canadian, Free French and of course, American forces.

Remember Le Paradis

If you’ve read Blood and Blitzkrieg you’ll be familiar with what happened in a farmyard in the town of Le Paradis in France on 27 May 1940. Before I started researching for that book I was totally unaware that the Germans had massacred British soldiers during the invasion of France. In fact it happened several […]

Biggles was real?

In a previous post I included the Biggles series in my top 10 favourite military fiction books. Well, according to this article in the Daily Mail, Captain Bigglesworth may have been a real person, as apparently, “A 1918 combat report by a pilot called Major James Bigglesworth has been found at the RAF Museum in a collection […]

It’s all about me!

One thing that you discover very early on when self-publishing an e-book is that it’s much like self-publishing an album: you spend a great deal of time writing/talking about yourself. You soon discover that you are nowhere near as pale and interesting as you thought you were, and start looking for other things to do […]